With our experience in designing and manufacturing moulds since 1984, when CERO was founded, we have depended on our capacity to take up your broad demand for plastics engineering to develop our future in this field.

With the creation of PROCESS in 1990, we widened our capacity for intervention and consolidated our financial stability, a key point in this sector of activity.

AQUAFEAT, founded in 2004, is a result of innovation. We developed and currently manufacture a new process of disposable forms for manufacturing ponds to retrieve and store liquids, and for constructing "traditional" swimming pools in poured concrete. This manufacturing process which uses plastic items and metal armatures is intended for manufacturers of quality ponds and pools. It offers new ways to organise construction sites, flexibility, simplicity, speed, and helps protect our environment (retrieving and storing run-off water). 

Aquafeat Website : http://www.aquafeat.fr

Aquafeat, the rainwater recovery system
Aquafeat, the concrete modular swimming-pool
Aquafeat banking element installation

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